Smart Home Application In ZEITGEIST Smart Home Project

Towards a smart urban area, the construction of smart homes are fundamental steps. And the ZEITGEIST project is a pioneering project to bring smart technology to the transportation and management of housing in the South Nha Be area, Ho Chi Minh City.

Latest technology trends in smart home systems

In the past, when it comes to smart homes, we often think of devices that are costly and require high technical expertise to use. But now, manufacturers have changed that.

Subdivision 1.1 – zeit RIVER COUNTY 1 applies smart technology

Smart homes’ high-tech items require fewer button presses, and the exterior decoration is often more elegant. The design is lightweight and sleek since the advanced devices use voice or touch to operate them, but the product still exudes elegance and modernity.

A user-friendly interface is also the top criterion for smart devices. Operation is easy to use, users can also connect to devices quickly and conveniently. In the next few years, smart home devices will also incorporate artificial intelligence to enhance interaction with homeowners.

Increased security

People are increasingly prioritizing goods with automatic features as a result of the need to use technology to make life easier. Furthermore, the protection of using electronic devices is stressed. Families still want to feel safe in their homes.

Smart sensor cameras, smart video doorbells, digital door locks, and other smart security devices are the latest security trends for smart home systems.

The combination of different accessories forming a new and complete ecosystem is a new trend for homeowners. Because they want to ensure absolute confidentiality of personal information but also create an open network for convenient use.

Save energy and stay green with the environment

Saving energy and living green is the next trend in smart home urban areas. Saving here is not only the cost of installing the system and equipment but also the daily energy source of the family.

Tiết kiệm năng lượng và sống xanh là xu hướng mới

Saving energy and living green is the new trend

Before, we could not control electricity usage in the home. Now, you can control your home’s electricity usage with smart plugs. These outlets help residents to control devices remotely and eradicate accidents of fire, explosion or wasting electricity. Furthermore, the outlets report the amount of electricity consumed by each appliance in the home.

Diversify smart home appliances

Manufacturers are also moving to other smart devices in the house such as smart refrigerators, smart TVs, air purifiers, smart robot vacuums.

Application of “intelligence” in the ZEITGEIST project

ZEITGEIST is a model smart urban area in the South of Ho Chi Minh City because it has many modern technologies from houses to the areas around the project. Inside is Xi AI – smart home system management tool.

The Xi AI platform is researched and developed by Xi S&D, which uses a single app to control all household appliances, control elevators and lock doors. Outside is a renewable energy source (using solar panels instead of traditional electricity).

In the ZEITGEIST project, the company also upgraded the platform system so that the security of personal information for residents always comes first. Examples of the Xi AI platform security system of zeit River County 1 include network security and physical security.

All telecommunications networks are encrypted as a network security measure. Devices are checked by the central management system’s firewall system. The platform’s physical security framework includes a face-detection lock, as well as surveillance cameras with fisheye lenses to maximize visibility.

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Single villa in zeit RIVER COUNTY 1

At zeit RIVER COUNTY 1 subdivision 1, guard gates must have double layer type. Security camera systems are installed in all corners of the buildings, utility areas, and internal parks. In the parking lot, the automatic vehicle identification system is also activated with advanced technologies.

Thank you for your interest in zeit River County 1!

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